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copertinaThe mountains are fresh, the lakes romantic and the cities of art are interesting, but the place where we all really want to go to for our summer vacation (at least here at TBS!) is the sea! The choice of destination is made mainly based upon the quality of the water and the beach. Fortunately the world is full of splendid and uncontaminated places to discover one-by-one. We’ve chosen 15 destinations that really stand out, from Asia to America and obviously back to the European coast. Now all you (us too) have to do is book!

19 Responses to “15 of the best beaches in the world”

  • Hello, dear, Thanks for this unique and informative content. The pictures also are looking great! I just want to add something with you: The beaches in Northwest Florida are the best – Okaloosa Island, Destin, Grayton Beach and more. I think you know, Sugar white sand beaches are the best in Florida.

    Reply to Jesse

    why don’t have Vietnam? we also have many beautiful beaches. Welcome to Vietnam and enjoy your vacation!

    Reply to Chi
  • Anse Source’D Argent Looks amazing, literally picture perfect ahh! Another I would add to the list is Shipwreck Beach in Zante, absolutely gorgeous, visited last year and going back in a few months 🙂 X


    Reply to Emily

    Portugal has even much better beaches! I truly recommend if you want to try a diferente country and with low budget 🙂
    Honestly, I loved all the suggestions, just don’t know which one to choose first 😀

    Reply to Catarina Roleta

    You should visit Costa Brava, in Catalonia. All the beaches there are wild and really really beautiful!!!

    Reply to Vir's luggage

    Vista la presenza di Angie nella TBS mi aspettavo come minimo una menzione alla Siclia! 😛 Avete scelto dei bei posti però, bravi :-*

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    it is wonderful! you also need to check el haw aria beach located in Tunsiia!

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