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koukaki__It’s a classic for all of us, thinking of the next long weekend, sitting in a cafe somewhere, or at home with friends, chatting over our favourite destinations. City breaks are often popular: Paris, Berlin, New York. These cities offer so many attractions, such as museums and monuments, but also a lot of opportunities for fun. What if we thought differently, though, for once? Why not consider districts rather than cities? Sometimes districts are treasures waiting to be discovered, way more interesting than a lot of über-famous places. Not long ago, Airbnb made a list of its users’ best and most appreciated locations. We selected 10 of them, located all over the world. Some of them are so unknown that it’s even hard to find photos of them! What district would you go to?

11 Responses to “A trip through the most beautiful districts in the world!”

    Omg all of these places are so breathtaking! I would love to even visit one. I for sure want to go to Asia and go to places like Japan and Tokyo because they are just so fashion forward and everything is so advanced. Also south america would be such an experience that I would love. Great post!

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  • Really beautiful places that I would love to visit❤ I was last year in Kuala Lumpur it’s nice just like Melaka.
    (you wrote Malaysia wrong)

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