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When we talk about the difference between a tourist and a traveler, we are probably telling you nothing new. Tourists usually like traveling comfortably, and approach the place where they are as complete strangers. Travelers, on the other hand, enjoy learning about the country they are going to visit, and want to experience life as a local — getting to know the traditions and customs of a city will definitely help experience travel as an all-round event. This is why we are telling you about the most beautiful mansions and royal palaces in the world today: knowing about the royal family of a country, or knowing a little about which aristocratic families influenced city history will give you deeper knowledge about where you are. It is worth visiting the places where these families lived, not only to learn about them, but also because these palaces often look stunning.
Of course, one continent boasts a very high concentration of this kind of building, and that is Europe, thanks to its ancient, illustrious history. Some of these palaces are still inhabited by kings and queens, while some have been converted into prestigious museums: for one reason or another, royal palaces truly became sightseeing spots that top the to-do lists of many tourists. Get ready to take notes, Her Majesty is expecting you at his palace!

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  • Wooooa definately all of them are a place to visit in life.
    I’ve been in a few.
    Thanks for the tip

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