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Romantics all over the world, the time of the year you were awaiting is finally here: from now on, until the end of summer, it’s wedding season. Choosing a dress is essential (it can take a year for some brides to find the right one) and so is the guest list. One step is possibly the most difficult of all, though, that is, picking a location. Yes, because the world is packed with beautiful places, and it can be challenging to make a final decision. Some husbands-to-be might prefer art cities and medieval villages; brides-to-be might want to go for a romantic location, perhaps on the seaside instead… And let’s be honest: most of the time it’s the bride who has the final say.
These are always sources of indecision, but there is one thing that most couples seem to agree on, all over the world: getting married in Italy is a good idea! Our country is very popular, hosting scores of lovebirds every year who wish to say “I do” surrounded by the amazing scenery that is unique to Italy. From North to South, the country is flooded by foreigners organizing their weddings. And you know who absolutely loves getting married in Italy, too? Celebrities: singers, actors and sportspeople, all entranced by the Mediterranean romanticism of Italy.
Here are the destinations that celebrity couples chose for the most important day of their lives.

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    Hi Vincenzo Malinconico i always read your blog you always come with new things keep it up and your articles are to good

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    Katie Holmes e tom Cruise si sono sposati a Palazzo Odescalchi a Bracciano ma la foto che proponete firmata da Massimiliano Magro, è Palazzo Odescalchi a Ladispoli !

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    I miei preferiti sono Chrissy e John <3

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