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Some people are obsessed with football, some collect stamps, others are hooked on avocados — and then there’s me: obsessed with pink flamingos. I don’t exactly remember how this started, but my mum tells me that even as a kid I would stop in my tracks whenever I saw one on TV. And that is how I got a tattoo, my life got invaded by flamingo gadgets both at home and in the office, my room at home was covered in photos of flamingos, and my friends knew about my flamingo thing too, so much so that they always brought flamingo-themed gifts to me from their holidays all over the world. My wish to see them from up close was granted twice. The first time was in Mexico, at a New Year’s Eve party, with Chiara: we went to a marsh which is famous for hosting the highest concentration of flamingos of all of Latin AmericaThe second time, I saw some in Italy. While I was hanging out on the beach, a flock of flamingos unexpectedly flew past me, very low over the water. In these years of unconditional love for flamingos, I released I am actually not the only one who would like to see them more often from up close — and on top of looking wonderful in the water, their habitats are usually unique, exceptional locations.
So, I thought of coming up with a guide of the best spots in the world for flamingo fans. I bet you won’t get to the end of the gallery without feeling like booking a trip!

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