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TBS Crew is a group of people who enjoy very disparate activities: some of us enjoy live music, and go to concerts several times a week. Others love furniture, since they some bought an apartment they want to decorate; others love traveling, whether it is for work or leisure. There is one thing that unites all of us, though, and that is our love for nature. We discussed this topic so many times on our website, and today we are going to show you the most important parks and natural reserves that dot our beautiful planet. You will find these enchanted places all over the globe, covered in lush greenery and sheltered from human influence. A lot of them also host a lot of fauna, wild animal species who are protected to ensure that they don’t go extinct.
We truly believe you should pay a visit at these sanctuaries of nature, at least once in your life!

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  • They’re so stunning! I love travel and explore something new. Thank you for sharing these amazing places! I think everyone should go there at least once in their life

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