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frgCuisine, and food in general, are definitely becoming a hot topic in everyone’s life. There are countless TV shows, films and documentaries about food nowadays, and as a result we all care more than we used to about what we eat. As economists say: if demand grows, supply will have to follow suit as a response. This is why some of the world’s most important museums adapted to this new trend, and opened up impressive quality restaurants on their premises, eateries so good that they can compete with any starred restaurant. Anyone who enjoys wandering around galleries and museums knows the feeling of tiredness and most of all the hunger that follow a good cultural tour. Offering good food is really wonderful added value for any museum! Here are our 10 favorite restaurants in the most interesting museums in the world. Pick your favorite… And book a visit and a lunch!

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MCA Cafe at Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.
On the museum’s highest floor, this bar has views over the entire surrounding area. You will be having breakfast or lunch while enjoying a wonderful vista on the port, and most of all, views of Sydney Opera House. Their specialty is fish and chips.

Café d’Art at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.
This bar faces the inner courtyard inside this contemporary art museum, and offers ever-changing menus, whose themes follow that of the current exhibition. The most exciting experience here will be enjoying your meal while surrounded by artwork.

Terzo Piano at Art Institute, Chicago.
If you feel like a refined and elegant stop during your visit, this restaurant, located on the museum’s third floor, is just what you need. Their choice of dishes, ranging from pastas to focaccia, is all Italian-inspired. Just one tip: have a light meal, or your wallet might seriously suffer! 🙂

Untitled at Whitney Museum, New York City.
In the center of Meatpacking district, you can find one of the most famous and popular museums of the Big Apple. A visit at Untitled is just what you need to make your visit at Whitney unforgettable, on top of all the famous art you can’t miss, of course. The menu is very refined, as one would expect of any fine-dining venue.

Rex Whistler at Tate Britain, London.
This museum showcases British art, both contemporary and from the past, and houses a highly appreciated restaurant, popular with tourists from all over the planet. The frescoes decorating the room will make you feel like you never really left the exhibition spaces, while the menu, which offers both fish and meat sections, as well as the wine list, will definitely entice you to come back sooner than later.

Rijks at Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.
This is the biggest Flemish art collection in the Netherlands, and a visit at its restaurant, the Rijks, is simply the icing on the cake of a very culturally enriching experience. Their cuisine obviously has traditional Dutch influences. We also recommend dropping by the bar in the foyer of the museum, where you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view, as well as a snack or a drink, while taking a break from admiring the art.

Le Frank at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris.
This museum is attracting more and more media attention thanks to the high-quality exhibitions it houses, but there is an extra attraction that tourists realised is worth visiting for: Le Frank, the restaurant managed by starred chef Jean-Louis Nomicos, who prepares French fine-dining menus every day.

Giacomo Arengario at Museo del Novecento, Milan.
In the heart of Milan, Giacomo Arengario is not just a point of interest for museum visitors: people going to central Milan to shop also like to dine here. The menu respects Milan’s culinary tradition, but adds a new twist to it by taking in influences from other parts of the country, which shows in its choices of fish dishes. The view on Milan cathedral will leave you awestruck.

Oleum at Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona.
One of Catalunya’s biggest museums, it houses one of the most complete Romanic art collections in the world, as well as an excellent restaurant. Oleum’s style is unique, with menus that space from traditional tapas to nouvelle cuisine dishes. The special feature here is a terrific view on most of the city.

Nerua at Guggenheim Bilbao.
The Guggenheim museum in Bilbao is part of northern Spain’s cultural excellence, both for its wonderful structure, and the contemporary art collection housed within this structure. Nerua is a fantastic restaurant, definitely worth a try. The modern interiors, the tasting menus and the view on river Nervion will all help adding some magic to your museum visit.

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    Che meravigliosa selezione! Tutti da visitare!

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