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How many airports might there be in the world? And what is the prettiest one you’ve been to? I don’t know about you, but I often ask myself this question, and I usually also share my curiosity with the person who travels with me. Since I’ve been wondering for a while, I decided to have a look online, to discover the most peculiar airports in the world. My favorite is probably Madrid-Barajas, both for its architecture and the colors that characterize it — but of course, beauty is so subjective, and airports come in so many types and shapes… And Asian airports are some of the best, what a surprise! It might be the photos in this gallery, it might be the time of the year… But I suddenly feel the urge to board a plane!

9 Responses to “The most beautiful airports in the world: where they are”

    Sicuramente il più bello che ho visto è quello di Dubai, bellezza pura

    Reply to Kylie
  • Singapore Airport is absolutely stunning! I also liked the one in Marrakech, but my favourite one is Munich, ´ cause it´ s the one I see the most and it nearly feels like home there. 😉
    Love, Ina

    Reply to Ina Apple
  • Shenzhen-Bao’an Airport is the most beautiful of all above!

    Reply to Marta
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