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Anyone who lives in a big city knows this: metro networks are essential for getting around, even more so to avoid rush-hour traffic, right? We are very often in too much of a rush, or too busy on our phones to pay too much attention to our surroundings. This is always the case during most of our daily activities, such as taking the metro to commute to work: and that’s how we might end up missing true underground works of art. From Italy to China, metro stations are winning the hearts of more and more travelers. Have you missed any of them, while you were busy on Whatsapp? No worries, here is our list of the most beautiful stops in the world (according to TBS.)

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7 Responses to “The most beautiful metro stations in the world”

    incredibili, sembrano uscite da un libro di fiabe! non avevo idea che ci fosse una metro così a Napoli!

    Reply to Gustavo Woltmann

    no offense but the swedish one is awful

    Reply to mary

    La metro di Napoli è pazzesca! Anche le altre in galleria non sono da meno.

    Reply to B
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