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In the collective imagination a museum is a boring place, perfect for those who want to enrich their mind and surely far from being a temple of fun. This is not (always) the case: just think that last February 25th, 2016 the first European Underwater Museum was inaugurated in Lanzarote, and it will allow you to see artworks at approximately 14 meters underwater. An experience to be tried at least once in a lifetime if you love diving or if you’re just curious and are not afraid of depths! But this is not the only unusual museum: there are plenty of them out there… some even too odd to be true! Here are our favorite ones around the world. Which would you be curious to visit?

Atlantic Museum (Lanzarote, Spain). This extremely peculiar museum is designed by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor (known for similar installations in other parts of the world) and aims to create an exceptional experience using the sea as mean of communication. The installation includes, among other things, an underwater botanical garden.

Hair Museum (Avanos, Turkey). It might sound like a fabrication but it’s all real! This museum boasts over 16 thousand female hair locks. Even today, visitors who wish to can leave some of their hair attaching it to the wall.

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets (Delhi, India). Sulabh International Museum of Toilets is one of the buildings the citizens are more proud of. Are you curious to know how our ancestors’ toilets looked like?!

The Bunny Museum (Pasadena, California). Let’s begin by saying one thing: this is not a zoo, but a museum! Already entered the World Guinness twice, this museum boasts the world’s widest collection of rabbit puppets. It might seem bizarre and it definitely is, but try to look at the cute side of it 😉

The Momofuku Instant Ramen Museum (Ikeda-Shi, Japan). Where could something like this be born if not the Land of the Rising Sun? This huge space celebrates the quintessential Japanese food with installations and obviously thousands of regional specialties. Ramen lovers on your mark…!

The Dog Collar Museum (Kent, UK). There are dog lovers and enthusiasts of the related accessories. This is an incredible museum for the quantity of collars stored here. From the most bizarre to those embellished by precious gems, some of which date back to the 15th Century!

Gelato Museum (Carpigiani, Italy). An exhibition space dedicated to the history, culture and technology of artisanal ice cream and included in the new world’s 10 coolest museums. It surely deserves a sweet stop!

International UFO Museum (Roswell, New Mexico). Who has never asked if there’s different life forms other than those present on Earth? This museum stores findings, evidences and photos of the main cases related to UFOs in history. Possibility or certainty?

Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments (Amsterdam, Netherlands). Demonstration of a sad and painful European past, it collects the main tools used to torture prisoners. Very interesting for history enthusiasts.

Museum of Bad Art (Brookline, Massachusetts). This is where all those works considered “too bad” to be real artworks are stored and displayed. Very fun and interesting…after all, who decides that an artwork is actually bad?

Museum of Bread Culture (Ulm, Germania). There are people who abhor it praising #nocarbs forever and who love it so much to build a museum around it. Here its history is told, from its first making to the oddest shapes and flavors. But beware, no ones eats here, they just study!

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    You forgot the “Sex machines museum” from Prague 🙂

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