473897012_masterYesterday was the sixth day of Cannes Film Festival and of course today we are listing our top 10 best dressed celebrities. Wh0’s your favorite one?


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44 Responses to “Cannes 2015: our favorite looks of day 6”

    Cansu Dere, no doubt! Outstanding! Astonishingly aristocratic and chic!

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    Isabelle and Emily Blunt looked fantastic

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    Weronika looks prettier than some of the actors!

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    Weronika looks perfect. I adore her style <3

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    Cansu Dere looks beautiful and different. I like it!!!

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    weronika’s dress is just soo beautiful! she herself is rather a beauty too xx

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  • Calvin Klein dresses are simple and chic. On the other hand Cansu looks cool…

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    Definitely Weronika Załazińska! ♡

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    Definitely Weronika Załazińska! ♡♡♡

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    Weronika’s outfit looks so fresh

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    Weronika Załazińska!! she’s the best ♥

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