CarineRWill Carine Roitfeld become a designer? Oui, you heard right: the stylist will, in fact, design a collection created in collaboration with Uniqlo that will be in stores at the end of October. 40 pieces that apparently will be inspired by the strong and sexy style of the French editor. Waiting on the first images of the collections, in the gallery you will find her coolest looks.

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  • Interesting to hear she’s collaborating with Uniqlo vs. H&M. I can’t imagine her style with Uniqlo’s aesthetic. But then again fashion is about surprises so well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and be surprised!

    xoxo Aela

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    veramente Carine era così bella da giovane?? non me lo sarei mai aspettata, il look che ha adesso come trucco allora è decisamente sbagliato, peccato

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    I have a project at school of people that got famous before the age of 35 and I picked Chiara Ferragni

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  • She is definitely a fashion icon! You’ve picked so many gorgeous looks of hers, that “Dead inside” jacket is quite a statement piece, for instance.

    Now I only have to figure out how to get my hands on her Uniqlo pieces! It might get a little tricky as I live in Finland.

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