George Keburia is a Georgian designer leaving a mark: his brand, founded in 2010, showcases both the history of his country and its new era through masculine and feminine aesthetics that are taking fashion and beauty to a new, completely unusual level.


His clothes feature a mix of masculine elegance and feminine classiness, with voluminous lines and a minimal design; they are designed and made in Tbilisi. For George Keburia, finding the right textile is one of the most important processes for the development of each collection: he only selects high quality materials and textures that are both attractive and convey whatever message the young designer wants them to. His Fall Winter 2017-2018 collection proposes a romantic idea of woman, sensual and sophisticated, inspired by the 80s and 90s; it’s immediately conquered some of the most important concept stores in the world.


After the great success of Georgian designers such as Demma Gvasalia, fashion opened its doors to young, creative talents like George Keburia. His contemporary take on fashion has no age and creates the perfect balance between lifestyle and elegance. Freshness and novelty are the keywords today in the world of fashion, and George Keburia provides them, and more!


Stumbling into this Fall Winter 2017-2018 collection was a great surprise for us. When the accounts of some of the coolest stylists of the year published their creations through the most unusual stories, we figured it was not a coincidence. The masculine and feminine aesthetics of the brand is all we’d want in our closet at the moment: his sunglasses have been available for one week and – trust us – they’ll be the trendiest accessory of the winter!

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  • I really her style of this designer ! I REALLY hope this designer grow up in the fashion industrie because her style is wtf but really soft !

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