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kwa_fw15_021Yesterday was the day: Kanye West presented Yeezy season 1, his first clothing line collection in collaboration with adidas originals. There was nothing noticeable, it was a poor innovation of a basic collection. The only thing that shined was the front row which was maybe the best part of the show including Rihanna, Beyoncé + Jay Z, Justin Bieber among others. 5 things that you (maybe) don’t know about the event.

Kylie Jenner modeling Kanye West for adidas Original collection1.Did you notice who was modeling? They were models with all kinds of body shapes, but among them, there was also Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s little sister. Compared to the other members of the family, Kylie is not that famous, and this was her first chance to do something important. She was grateful to Kanye for giving her this opportunity.

Carine Roitfeld ad a ballerina 2. Clearly the ispiration was contemporary dance, but focusing especially on one dancer: Carine Roitfeld. She is obsessed by ballet to a point that in 2013 she dedicated her entire second number of CR Fashion Book to it and one year ago posted a picture of her posing as a ballerina. Does her strap bustier belt remind you of something?

North West and Kim Kardashian3. Kanye will also launch  kidswear. Well, this is not actually confirmed, but her daughter North West, who was front rowing together with her mommy Kim, was wearing some  “mignon sized” pieces of the collection, like the gilet.

Kanye West for adidas Originals4. Speaking of this gilet: it is the only item featuring Adidas Originals’ three stripes, revisited as a duvet detail.

5. During the event, Kanye presented a new song called Wolves featuring Sia and Vic Mensa from his upcoming album. And it’s certainly not a coincidence that Sia got so popular for the dancer who performed in her videos, don’t you think?

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29 Responses to “5 things you don’t know about Kanye West for adidas original”

    Sia didn’t become popular from the dancer in her videos…her songs were well-known long before the music videos were released.

    Reply to Brooke

    what’s up with this english man? i mean…come on…some of the mistakes are…childish !!

    Reply to Elena
  • i actually loved his line. To me it was a bit different for Kanye. He’s a bit out there with his fashion but this was simple.

    Reply to Felice Raina
  • I must be honest, I loved the collection, especially the shoes! I did a blog post on the shoe collection and I love them. xxxx

    Reply to Lizell

    Kylie is famous, and has a lot of her modeling work too. Everybody knows that this is also because they are family. I would appreciate those information, if I’m reading things I might not know, to be at least true.

    Reply to Adel

    5 THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT KANYE WEST FOR ADIDAS ORIGINAL, and you don’t miss anything. Boring!

    Reply to Anastasiya
  • I really like the collection. It makes me think of some post-apocaliptic movies and popular-at-the-moment young adult fiction (like Divergent or Maze Runner). So I think this collection is up to date.
    Thanks for the interesting facts!

    BarbarianMe Blog

    Reply to Yulia Yemelianova
  • The whole West and Kardashion concept is so interesting… haha

    Reply to Nadia

    I’m not the biggest fan of Kanye and the collection is basic I’ll agree, but there’s something interesting about it all the same! X

    70’s style inspiration and Harry Styles head scarf inspiration! X

    Reply to Emmajane
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