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During summer, Chiara never goes out without her sunglasses. She collects them and loves wearing them all the time. She most likely carries a pair in her purse even at night! Chiara loves playing with shapes, sizes and colors and, besides those from the Maisons, she also loves the vintage ones that she finds in L.A.’s flea markets. In the gallery, Chiara’s favorite sunglasses for the summer 2015. Which one do you love most?

Click here to discover the coolest sunglasses for this Summer!

45 Responses to “Summer 2015: Chiara’s favorite sunglasses”

    Love!! But wish we could see what brands of sunnies these are?!

    Reply to Madison Butler

    Ciao Chiara,
    quando ti fai vedere con altre persone, come con la tua bellissima mamma, ti avvicini di più al tuo pubblico, crei un contatto profondo. Non bastano solo i vestiti per mostrare chi sei. Solo un amichevole suggerimento.

    Reply to Sole

    I love the Red sunnies and the others are to very beautiful

    Reply to Lotti

    I love the Red sunnies and the others are to very beautiful

    Reply to Lotti

    She can wear any sunglasses she wants and still look dang good. For me it’s more difficult and I really had to do a lot of research to find the shape that suited my face, which are the aviator style, since then I haven’t bought a different shape. Maybe now I’ll try others, because all these sunglasses Chiara is wearing are so cool!

    Julia xx

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