Cover Most Ex. Dresses WEBOMG! Where is Lupitas  $150,000 pearl-studded gown worn for the 2015 Academy Awards?? It seems that it has been stolen Wednesday from her hotel room in California. Wearing such a unique piece of art is a great responsibility but it’s not the first time the Red Carpet was walked by some of the most expensive dresses ever made. We just had to make a selection of our favorites: can you guess which one we love the most?

Oscar 2015: best dressed.

20 Responses to “Lupita’s stolen dress and the most expensive gowns on the red carpet”

    …this blog is definitely becoming some kind of Buzzfeed twin…

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    I sadly believe we will never see that gown in one piece again. I imagine it was stolen for the pearls–untraceable and easily sold individually or as necklaces.

    Reply to Anon

    Wow, all the gowns are stunning! <3 I'm just surprised with some of the prizes. Why Nicole Kidman's dress costed an unbelievable 2,000,000? Was it incrusted with gold or some jewels at the top? I was also astonished with Kate Winslet's dress – it looks like quite a simple project, so why it's 100,000?

    Reply to Maria
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