And the winner is….Lupita Nyong’O! Sunday night we stayed up ’till late to watch the red carpet of the Oscars 2015 and we selected our personal best and worst dressed of the event. These are our choices, do you agree?

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    I totally disagreed with Chrissy Teigen’s in the worst dressed list, she was lovely and sexy on point, I think it’s ok to show a bit more of your curves, even in the red carpet, if you are really that pretty and classy. She is funny, sexy and classy at the same time. But I agree with the others in that list. Now, the best dressed for Lupita just because “she is the one to be right now” and it’s caring 6.000 pearls???…come on!!! I will never understand why they put that amount of pearls in such a wrong design….a halter dress is not chic enough for me…with pearls does not match to me, not to mention the front neckline, it’s like a “sword”! I really think they could do better with this kind of noble raw material …but that is just my opinion…

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    The worst dressed seems to come out of the burn book from mean girls. So catty…tisk tisk

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    I totally agree with your choice for worst dressed…I don’t understand why she is in fashion police.

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    Marogt Robie was perfection in Saint Laurent, in my opinion. Loved Emma Stone and Rosamund Pike. Meryl Streep looked so elegant and cool. I disagree with Viola Davis’ dress – I didn’t like the necklace with it but the dress was a lovely color and looked good on camera. I was expecting more of a “wow” moment from Sienna Miller. Wished Keira’s wasn’t quite so voluminous. Gwyneth’s was a bit young for her. And Kelly Osborne, lavender mohawk aside, looked lovely in a perfectly tailored gown.

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    Kelly Osborne wasn’t bad, Scarlett Johansson’s dress was beautiful, Chrissy Teigen’s dress was lovely and sultry, and Emma Stone and Rosamund Pike should be on the best dressed list. And regarding the worst dressed–why are you so hyper-critical of Scarlett’s and Chrissy’s cleavage? Did you not happen to see JLo’s plunging neckline? I think this list is overall very flawed.

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    in my opinion emma stone was the best dressed

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  • Lupita Nyong’o can do no wrong! She always looks so beautiful, chic and stunning on the red carpet! For my worst dressed, I picked Lady Gaga with those weird dish washing gloves though… Kelly Osbourne wasn’t that bad, I think…

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    Keira Knightley in the best dressed and Chrissy Teinger in the worst dressed!?I’m not sure….totally agree with all the other!


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    Chrissy is defo on the wrong list. She is hot!

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    I totally agree on 3rd place Scarlett – the dress does nothing good for her – her shoulders look too wide and so does her cheast, the corset makes her hips look very wide – nothing wrong with that, but it looks a little too tied up – like “see I have a waist”.. 4th place – either you show legs, cleavage or you wear a dark lipstick – where do you want the attention? its too much with all three.. Not good..

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  • Spot on! My stand-out Oscar look was Zoe Saldana, often left off these lists, but she looked smoking in a beautiful light pink number.

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    I totally agree for the best dressed top 5!!
    I would add Meryl Streep,Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow!
    I also agree for worst dressed except Scarlett Johansson….I like her dress with the necklace!!!!
    Solagne is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!

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