We are used to see them wearing amazing clothes and always perfect hair and makeup…but what do international celebrities look like on vacation? We saw them wearing swimsuits and saw their favorite destinations, now let’s see what they wear when they are relaxing, at the beach far from work commitments. Some like Heidi Klum opt for a long dress, others like Taylor Swift prefer shorts+shirt. In our gallery you’ll find all the celebrities in their coolest vacation outfits. Who do you identify with? 🙂

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  • Hola, me parece muy interesante tu publicación sobre lo que usan las celebridades en los tiempos de verano, pues muchos acostumbran a llevar ropas muy ligeras que por algún momento les hagan olvidar las labores arduas del trabajo. Igualmente no solo las celebridades se preocupan por las ropas que van a vestir en las playas, también se preocupan mucho por como se les va a ver el cabello al igual que las uñas.
    Nails-Uñas de verano

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  • I like the way they dress and look because it also proves that they are human like others, making it also well known to the world that if others can they also can even better.

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