Senza titolo-2The fact that sooner or later Madonna’s firstborn would’ve had become the talk of the town doesn’t come as a surprise. And that moment is finally here, because everyone (even the magazines) is talking about British designer Stella McCartney choosing Lourdes Ciccone Leon as the face of the campaign of her new perfume Pop. Official shots portray Lola (that’s what she loves to be called) as beautiful as ever, with pastel pink hair, no make up and a look of redeemed angel; an unusual image for the rebel soul of the Ciccone family. We all well know that shaking off the label that describes her as “daughter of” is a difficult task (especially having someone like Madonna whose thought of leaving the spotlight close to her sixties doesn’t even cross her mind), but by looking at these very first pictures, it seems like the beautiful Lola might be able to make it without the help of her superstar mom. We’ll find out if she’ll succeed only with time. Meanwhile, it is time that allowed her to develop a specific identity. Looking at our gallery you’ll notice how Lourdes has changed and how age helped her gain great self-awareness, defining a distinctive style able to set trends among the youngest crowd. We wish her the best of luck with her career, hoping to find her soon involved in another important project.

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