The teen-age queen (married when she was only 14 years old)  known for her gorgeous but glitzy style, is not only super famous for her unhappy ending but also for a passion for sweets . Pastel colors, embroideries , chiffon, silk and a lot of bling bling in our gallery:  for you what we think that Marie Antoinette might have worn for the Spring Summer 2015.



19 Responses to “How to dress like… Marie Antoinette”

  • This is so fun and so perfectly color coordinated! I’d love to see your take on other historical figures or celebrities – perhaps Sid & Nancy or Joan of Arc?

    Reply to Brittany Bly
  • Loving these history lessons via today’s fashion trends… and who wouldn’t want to slip into Marie’s shoes to nibble on some cake? 😉

    Reply to Jess
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