solangeIt’s very unlikely that you’ve never heard the name Knowles, given that it’s Beyoncé, aka Queen B’s last name. But she’s not the only interesting one in the family: in fact we are also in love with her little sister Solange who has bags of style and taste. Her Instagram account is a must to follow (for those who don’t know it’s Saint Records): design, art and fashion are her strongest subjects and her looks are certainly our favorite. We have tried to find a common feature in her outfits and have deciphered the enigma: PINK. This is the predominant color on her account and Solange really knows how to wear it: at night, in the evening, at home, in town or on holiday. Would you also like to wear pink like her? Find some suggestions in the gallery. What do you think?

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    Love Solange! She just looks fabulous in everything.

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