sokoShe’s the talk of town lately because of her new romance, but Stephanie Sokolinski, a.k.a. Soko, is far more than just Kristen Stewart’s new girlfriend. This French singer and actress of Polish-Jewish heritage, sports a choppy curly bob and a very eclectic style that mixes vintage,punk, grunge and boho styles. She was seen at some of the top fashion shows in the French capital — she was spotted in the front row of Chanel’s, Lanvin’s and Giambattista Valli’s shows. Our gallery is inspired by her style and by her Instagram profile, which we find utterly cool! What do you think?

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  • Soko style is really a mix between Robert Smith and 80′s Madonna fashion inspiration…
    It may be just an anecdote, but do you know that the French singer-actress (I’m french too)buys her underwear at a Paris supermarché ?

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