vivienne-westwood2Happy birthday Vivienne Westwood! Today the Queen of British fashion turns 74, but she still a young girl at heart, as her shows prove season after season! Born in England in a small village, she started her career making jewellery that she sold at a stall on Portobello Road and sewing herself eccentric clothes. Is the encounter with Malcolm McClaren, manager of the Sex Piatols, that marks her entry into the world of fashion. Together, in 1971, they opened her first boutique, helping to put the punk style on the map. A style that she would later bring to the catwalks, gaining world fame. Rebel and always unconventional, she has used her shows to share social messages to which she is personally committed, be they environmental (she is completely dedicated to the issue of climate change) or political. Her commitment is not just metaphorical; last year, in fact, she shaved her iconic flame-red locks to show how one should be proud of his age, reminding us at the same time of her total and complete commitment towards the environment.
Happy Birthday Super Vivienne!


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