andGerman with the perfect body, André Hamann is considered one of the most fascinating guys on Instagram. He’s only recently started working as a model for major brands (Hugo Boss, Tezenis and Calvin Klein just to name a few) but his career actually started, by accident, as it has done for many names that have made history on the catwalk: while he was walking in the street he was noticed by a talent scout who offered him an audition – something he takes care to highlight. Yes because modelling, despite being a job he likes very much, is not this young 28-year-old’s only passion. He has taken advantage of his popularity and created his own clothing brand and fitness website in which he explains step-by-step, what exercises to do to get a physique like his. Not only that: aside from his beauty and entrepreneurship, this Berliner is also a musician and it’s this quality that made even Selena Gomez fall in love with him (even if only virtually!). His hit online videos in which with a penetrating gaze and sensual voice he plays the guitar perfectly, is how Hamann conquered Selena, who after having seen the video, in which he dedicated a song to her after she broke up with Justin Bieber, thanked him tenderly on Twitter. To sum up, André Hamann is handsome, talented entrepreneurial and even romantic. What more would you want? We elect him our MCM of the week. Do you agree with us?

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