“With those big eyes, it is quite unlikely you will ever be cast.” Rami Malek, American actor of Egyptian heritage, now famous for his role in Mr. Robot, heard that sentence many times. He didn’t give up, though, and paid no attention to any of the criticism his peculiar features features attracted… And his success showed everyone that his was the right attitude. While growing up in an Arab family with an entirely American style, the 35-year-old actor started out in a musical production in high school, in which he shared the stage with classmate Kirsten Dunst. After that, he never stopped until he shot to fame with Mr. Robot, in which he plays the main character. His career was punctuated by many, important steps, such as Gilmore Girls, Larry Crowne, Twilight, Night at the Museum, and Battleship: not bad, right? Any peculiarities, you ask? He is on no social networks at all — he uses none of them, can you believe it? Actually, when he was a guest on Stephen Colbert’s show, Colbert took his phone and signed him up for Instagram, posting a selfie of the two of them. Unluckily, Colbert’s effort was quite fruitless, since the account has been basically inactive since that day! If you want to see more of him, don’t look on social networks then, and just watch him in his films — or find his twin brother Sami! Ah, Rami, we almost forgot… We love your eyes! 🙂

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    OMG , he is so my only crush ! Always looking forward for the next episode of MR.Robot . Don’t think anyonelese would fit this character besides him !

    Of course TBS×The Blonde Salad could not miss this !

    😍 hugs for TBS CREW , you’re amazing too .

    Reply to Ana Francisca Coelho
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