Did you catch Gigi and Bella Hadid at the Monaco Grand Prix last week? The Californian sisters, and the alleged romance between GiGi and the Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, drove the gossip magazines of the whole world literally crazy. The Hadid sisters are two of the most requested models from the major international fashion brands thanks to their beauty, charm and their incredible resemblance. But they are not the only ones to capture the attention of the media; from Kendall and Kyle Jenner to Cara and Poppy Delevingne, browse through the gallery featuring the coolest sisters of the fashion system. What #sisterteam are you? 🙂

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    Ciao Vince 🙂 Thanks for the article ’bout me!

    Reply to gigi h.
  • It started with ‘the Olsen’s sisters’ for me when I discovered them for the 1st time in ‘Full House’ and then ‘the Cruz sisters’… 😀
    Now, it’s more like ‘the Jenner and Hadid sisters’ since they fit my 2.0 style guide perfectly especially Kendall and Kylie as they make me wanna wear every single item they have on their back 🙂 x

    Reply to *The*Jolly*Girl
  • It used to be the Olsen’s sisters when I first discovered them in ‘Full House’ ! And the Cruz sisters 🙂
    Now it’s more like Kendall and Kylie and ‘The Hadid sisters!’…
    They fit my 2.0 actual style so well making me wanna wear every single item them two have on their back 😀 x

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    OMG!#SistersCruz looking like twins !! Amazing and a I love Jenner and Hadid sisters they’re awesome and so beautiful.

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    Love this post !
    Greta and Vanessa Axente are beyond gorgeous

    Reply to Albane

    Dakota and Elle! Love them so much!

    Reply to Sophia
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