elsaSwedish, 27 years old, model and former professional basketball player: Elsa Hosk is definitely one of the models you should be following on your social networks right now. She was first spotted already at 13 by a Swedish agency, but since she didn’t want to give up on her passion for sports, Elsa decided to wait a few years to become a full time model, which she finally did when she moved to New York City, after graduation. Her modelling career mostly took off in 2011, after she became one of Victoria’s Secret Angels, and not just that: she worked with several large fashion brands, such as Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, H&M and Guess. Her latest achievement was working as a testimonial for Biotherm, who chose her as representative of the “new generation of women who see fitness and health as a synonym for beauty”, a definition we really appreciate! Here are some trivia about her: she doesn’t enjoy posing for photos, but she feels at ease on video, as she feels she can be herself, and show her personality in the best way. <3 What do you think about our WCW of the week?

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  • Maybe someday you’ll have a Wednesday Woman Crush for me!

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