copemaliaHer father is one of the world’s most influential men and she is probably one of the most envied teens; we’re talking about Malia Obama, Barack and Michelle’s oldest daughter. At just 17, the beautiful Malia has recently caught the attention of the media for her fresh, neat and never eccentric style, for her institutional commitments with her mother Michelle and for being an outstanding student. All this could be enough for Barack Obama to consider himself a proud father, but there’s more. Yes, because Malia gave her best during this family trip to Cuba, a historic visit, if you just think that it has been over 80 years since a U.S. President set foot on Cuban soil. What happened? The world simply discovered another of Malia’s skills; problem solving and her perfect understanding of the Spanish language! The young lady has in fact acted as her dad’s personal interpreter, allowing him to interact with the locals without having to rely on more official figures. Will this be Malia Obama’s future career or did she just wanted to show her passion for Spanish? We’ll see what the future holds for her. In the meantime we declare her our week’s Woman Crush Wednesday!

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  • Gorgeous! It’s so awesome that she was able to interpret for her father, the President of the US. Just 17 and she’s already involved in international/foreign affairs!

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  • I still can’t believe how old Obama’s daughters are–I remember when they seemed so young when he first took office. I can’t wait to see what they do with their futures!

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