Think about the most romantic, charming mix you can have in Europe, and embody it into a girl, like Nine d’Urso: half-Italian, half-French, she is exactly that winning combination. Her surname probably won’t really ring a bell, but if you think of Inès de la Fressange, one of the most chic and elegant women in Paris, you will immediately notice a resemblance. Nine is Inès’s daughter, and she inherited her mother’s beauty and class, two characteristics that certainly helped in making her the face of the fragrance Bottega Veneta’s new campaign — and they chose her again this year. Even if fashion doesn’t seem to be her main passion, Nine still enchants everyone when she happens to be on a red carpet, looking beautiful in anything, whether that’s a Dior, a Valentino, or a Giambattista Valli outfit. Cinema might be d’Urso’s path, since she studied stage acting for a few years. But there’s no rush: Nina likes to take her time and think things over: she loves books, art, museums and philosophy. And if anyone asks about her beauty secrets, she innocently answers that she sleeps a lot. We also think that that certain aura of mystery to her might help, too: she has neither Instagram, nor Facebook!

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