COPERTINARUBY30 years old next March 20th (born in Melbourne in 1986), 15 tattoos and recipient many international awards, Ruby Rose’s success is constantly growing. Her feminine figure conceals a very difficult childhood. Fatherless and with a very absent mother, the actress was forced to grow quickly and on her own. And let us say, that she did really well! In 2002, at just 16 years old, she embarked on a modeling career, becoming soon after a successful TV host at TRL Australia. But she did not stop here. Her passion for music led her to try a DJ career (in which she succeeded. Her live performances are always super crowded!) as well as an acting one. This is the career that made her famous. Her role in Orange is the new Black brought her to international stardom and gained her the attention of the world of fashion and beauty: Ralph Lauren chose her in fact as the face of its Denim & Supply brand, while just a few days ago, the news of her collaboration as testimonial of the line of beauty Urban Decay broke. We love her for her perfect face and bold character, but also and mostly for her self-made woman energy that makes her an example of how a strong will and dedication can be the key to change your life. And, let’s admit it: we have a thing for her vague (and recognized by her) resemblance with Justin Bieber! 😉 In short, Ruby Rose undoubtedly deserves our Woman Crush Wednesday of the week. Are you #TeamRuby like we are?

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    Lovely post! I love Ruby Rose, she’s so super gorgeous and unique. She’s one of the only women that really pulls off tattoos! <3

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