dreadsHave you ever heard of Zendaya Coleman? Well, if you haven’t it’s time to fix that. She’s known for having a super strong and chameleon style – they already call her the “Teen Rihanna” –  and for being really proud of her origins, that she defends fervently. Need any proof? Just a few days ago at the Oscars, she walked the Red Carpet with a terrific white Vivienne Westwood dress and a “cherry of the top” dreads hairstyle. But not everybody agreed: «I feel like she smells like patchouli and weed» said Giuliana Rancic, Fashion Police host. Zendaya’s reply was elegant and polite just like she actually looked stating that it’s one point to don’t like the outfit of a person and another not respecting people and being racist. We can’t agree more with her, we should all be free to express ourselves without being judged. On the other hand… How cool are dreads? 🙂 We picked the best looks of celebrities that tried them out. Can you guess who’s our favourite?


14 Responses to “Zendaya and other celebs show how cool dreads (and braids) are”

  • I’ve read about this and couldn’t believe Giuliana said that about here. I think Zendaya is super gorgeous with her hair like this!


    Reply to Cotton Twins

    “Do I know Zendaya?” I’m her biggest fan! She’s my role-model and inspiration so I don’t care what she does. Z SWAG 4 EVER

    Reply to Alex Jordan
  • My favorite has to be Zendaya!
    The thing with dreads is – you either love or hate it.
    I personally think I couldn’t pull it off, but I definitely love it on other people!

    – Lola / http://www.ixmlola.com

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    Just to let you know… Not all those styles are Locs but are in fact braids, a different style.

    Reply to Ami

    There are not all dreads some of the pictures you used are box braids…

    Reply to Feyi A
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