copertinaIn the 1940’s Dior used to baptize his dresses with the names of his artist friends, such as Matisse or Picasso; in the 1960’s Yves Saint Laurent was an art collector and chose Mondrian as source of inspiration for one of his most famous collections. Today, the runway celebrates young street style talents next to great painters like Van Gogh and Henri Rousseau and the collaborations between contemporary artists and fashion houses are more and more common. Art and fashion have always shared an indissoluble bond and their marriage keeps creating the most beautiful clothes and accessories. Here are our favorites picks, selected in occasion of MiArt 2015, the Contemporary Art Fair to be held in Milan from April 9 to April 14.

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  • Cool and definitely not dull!:-) Love the art inspirations in fashion that’s why I love New York City so much where everywhere you go, you see some artworks around- subway, streets, window displays, building- everything calls “arty”! So inspiring!
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