Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge and Cara Delevingne are just some of the supermodels in the last video of the fantastic Taylor Swift, acting as super tough heroines. Bad Blood features in fact many celebrities who are acquaintances or friends of the singer and have a small cameo that contributed to make this video unique. We never seen anything like this! In film, as well as music videos, there is plenty of female figures that are nothing less than men for courage and strength; girls who fight with guns or with their intelligence, stealing the limelight from their male peers. These figures don’t always set the example, but they inspire us for their ability to be independent and tough, while being their own main heroines. You’ll find our favorites badass women in the gallery, which are yours?


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    Cool list of badass women !!

    There’s someone else i’ll add to it : Furiosa !!

    Reply to Audrey

    Don’t forget those Sucker Punch girls and the vampire Selene. 😀

    Reply to amnuay
  • Yes! This is my inspiration on the daily: badass, powerful, confident women. Taylor Swift’s new video is nothing short of that. Loving the other women you chose as well!

    Danah ❤ Panache Offblast

    Reply to Danah

    Black Widow is definitely one of my faves but in real life Rihanna is my favourite badass women.

    Reply to Tiana
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