GLAMOUR_02_0393_WEBYou had already had the preview of a few outfits on Instagram, and now I can finally show you everything… And then some! Starting today, the new issue of Glamour Turkey will be available in every newsstand. I just finished work on a beautiful reportage with the amazing photographer Ümit Savaci. Here are some brand new shots, exclusively for you 😉 Let me know what you think!

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191 Responses to “Glamour Turkey Cover story- April 2016”

    You are so gorgeous in every picture, and such an inspiring person!

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    Bellissime foto, bellissimi outfits. Complimenti

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    Bellissime foto, bellissimi abiti, bellissima tu!! Grazie e complimenti 🙂
    Ciao Clara

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    It’s a good combination between beautiful girl and stunning outfits. Well done!

    Reply to Jim

    The cover looks amazing! x
    snapchat: ok-adam

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  • Wow such a beautiful look! I am loving that hairstyle, so effortlessly stunning!

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  • This outfit looks sexy on you…you are always an inspiration 🙂
    Please check out my blog too. That are absolutely stunning photos!

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    Hey TBS team.
    Where and when are you gonna be in Paris exactly? Thanks

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    i love 2 look backless is to good…
    love all sensual and feminine photos, you looks so chic..!!

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  • Hi! I really love the 4th look. What brand is the dress (black-red-blue polka dots and where can we find it?
    In advance, thank you a lot!
    – Elsey

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  • You look outstanding!! Such a beautiful, sensual and feminine photos!!
    Please check out my blog too. That are absolutely stunning photos!

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  • Congratulations Glamour Turkey!! Those shots are beautiful! I just read an article about you and your blogging journey the other day. And now you’re not only a blogger but a fashion model! I am a beginning blogger and newish model and really look up to what you have done.

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  • Your blog is amazing – keep up the good work!
    Please check out my blog too. That are absolutely stunning photos!

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    Great dresses, great photos.. we like your blog

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    omg why are u so beautiful? I`m in love
    you look great and you r great

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  • Congrats Chiara! Welcome to Turkey’s Magazine,today we are speaking about your stories. Love from Istanbul ♥

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  • Ohh…I already saw this on Instagram and I couldn’t love it more! So beautiful! You look gorgeous and the photos are so inspiring!!

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    La Turchia, Istanbul in particolare è un centro nevralgico per il commercio del Bosforo e ricco di etnie di persone, occidentali e arabe. Le loro donne hanno forme sinuose ed armoniche e non credo che tu possa rispecchiare questo mondo, se non per il lusso. Vederti di spalle, dove le ossa sono protagoniste, mi piange il cuore.
    Vedo gli abiti sforzandomi, ma questa non è moda.

    Complimenti al fotografo, ma l’effetto scocciato e forzato dell’espressione (che sia voluto o meno) proprio non mi piace.

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  • i love everything about this editorial story!! great work!

    love from tokyo!

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