7 for all mankind

Malhia Kent x 7 For All Mankind

You all know how much I travel, how many new places I had the chance to visit, how many different traditions and cultures I have known and how many flavors and experiences I have tested. At this point, we can … Continue reading


A lovely day with 7 for all mankind

You know, there are always those days when your only desire is to go back being a little girl having fun with simple things without any thoughts in your mind. Well, I decided to live one of my last days … Continue reading


Like a marshmallow

Yesterday I decided to dress up like a marshmallow: the main character of the look was White Rabbit Couture tunic sweater, that I chose in the mint and milk colour. Talking about sweets right? Ieri ho deciso di vestirmi da … Continue reading


The fairytale location

Another “look of the day” worn in Firenze in the past days: Villa Cora was so beautiful that It was much easier to shoot any outfit there. Aw, having a house with a similar garden in Milan, I wish Un … Continue reading