Beverly Hills

Black and white: one of the most chic kind of looks. Even cooler If enriched by golden and cream details. Here is how I wore the perfect Mango little black dress: white slippers, Saint Laurent mini cross over bag and … Continue reading


When in Paris…

Paris.. Paris.. Isn’t it the city of beauty where you just can’t avoid looking for inspiration for the perfect makeup? And for the best makeup, skin colour is more than important. The beauty treat? Guerlain showed it to me in … Continue reading


Big Sur roadtrip

I had already stopped by Big Sur twice in my life before: both times I was driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco and the time I could dedicate to these crazy views was really short. Last weekend Andrew and … Continue reading


Madonna Inn

After Milan and Paris photos here I am in my happy place: California. I’m here for only eight days total before leaving again for Brazil (I’m soon back in Sao Paulo) and I’m literally trying to live the best of … Continue reading