je m’en fous

Je M’En Fous

Je m’en fous (“I don’t care”).. but I do care about sensuality and pop colors when summer is coming! Here’s some funny moments with my friend Candela Novembre… It was last year when we had fun thinking about the sunny … Continue reading


Escaping the cold weather

As a great warm weather lover I have the feeling I tried to escape the cold weather during all this past fall: after fashionweek season I spent a lot of time in Dubai, Los Angeles, and now Miami. I have … Continue reading


Room view of Santorini

Is there anything better in the world than waking up with this view? C’e’ qualcosa di più bello che svegliarsi con questa vista? You might also like:Sequined skirt in ParisTwo is better than one :) Chiara Ferragni for Lovers + Friends


In New York for Victoria’s Secret: day 2

I was prepared for the cold in New York, but I didn’t think I would have found a snow storm waiting for me to arrive. I chose the easiest solution to fight the cold: to wear all I had in … Continue reading