Victoria’s Secret

My #VSTeenyBikini’s adventure

Hi girls! Have you ever lived the #VSTeenyBikini’s adventure? Victoria’s Secret has launched the so called Teeny Bikini, a cute bikini who travels the world and has its own personality Choose your Victoria’s Secret bikinis here, take photos of them … Continue reading


Chiara Ferragni for Victoria’s Secret: Blogger Buzz

Are you ready for Christmas holidays? Victoria’s Secret asked me to collaborate on their fanpage for the “Blogger Buzz” section this month and so, here I am. I chose three different pieces which will be a must in my Christmas … Continue reading


Cozy weekend

Here is how my weekend is going to be: relaxing and cozy, to be entirely spent with my family and some close friends before leaving again on Monday (this time we’re going to Los Angeles for business, not complaining at … Continue reading


In New York for Victoria’s Secret: day 2

I was prepared for the cold in New York, but I didn’t think I would have found a snow storm waiting for me to arrive. I chose the easiest solution to fight the cold: to wear all I had in … Continue reading