From a dress to a top

Convert your sequined dress into a top for a night out with friends? That’s exactly what I did some days ago Trasformare un vestito di paillettes in un top da indossare ad un aperitivo con amici? E’ proprio quello che … Continue reading


Christmas days: another sequined dress

What was I wearing the day after Christmas? While for Christmas Eve and Christmas day I wore simple and comfortable looks (should I say I lived in my pajamas?), for the 26th December I wore for the first time some … Continue reading


Christmas tree

A very beautiful memory I’ve had since I was a kid is about the Christmas tree we’ve always decorated at home on December 1st, where I used to get so emotional in front of Santa Klaus’ presents (isn’t it the … Continue reading


White yeti (yes, again)

In fall/winter time It often happens to me, especially when I wake up and I find the city so cold and grey, to have the desire to dress up in white. It happened to me last year and also yesterday: … Continue reading