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Calvin Klein Collection
Calvin Klein Jeans
Calvin Klein

Photos by Lawrence Lim

191 Responses to “Autumn in New York”

    You were right outside my school 🙁 so sad I missed it.

    Reply to Sophie

    The dress is Amazing!


    Reply to Simona
  • A very pretty lady. I like how you accessorize in the non-traditional way. The kitten Pom Pom Fur shoes & off white dress…your style is very different/unique, yet sleek and well put together.

    The nail coil bracelet- I love
    Wool Coat with futuristic buttons – I love
    Eye tattoo – I so love

    I also like the oversized sweater in the 5th look, but a pointy-toe Riding Boot would’ve been perfect.

    Great looks!


    Reply to Stephanie J.
  • I love the feeling in these pictures. New York is so beautiful, and obviously you are as well. 🙂 That white dress is amazing!



    Reply to Silja

    I like the two sweaters most, and wouldn’t like to comment the black coat with the white dress and the shoes.

    Reply to valentin antonov

    Absolutely obsessed with your furry heels!!!!

    Reply to Melissa
  • wonderfull city! photos ar just perfect!

    Reply to Sophie
  • I really love these pictures!
    Autumn in New York is just lovely!

    Reply to Iina

    Love all photos , the light is perfect!! Really like the white dress . Who is the photographer ?

    Reply to PATT
  • I love the jumpers and that white dress! Such lovely looks as always 🙂
    Hannah x

    Reply to Hannah
  • The contrast between these two looks is so cool and amazing. My favorite is the outfit with the white dress and the maxi coat, it’s really elegant and beautiful, these high heels are like a dream, so fancy. You look so gorgeous and chic

    Reply to Miss key
  • love love the to looks . the big coat is perfection !

    Reply to debow
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