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So strange to see myself in a tub full of salad on the cover of a magazine 🙂 Another big thanks to you for these two italian September pubblications: cover and interview on AZ Franchising and interview on Millionaire magazine 🙂 I will soon also update my press section with all the international press of this month and a half!

Strano vedere me stessa in una vasca piena d’insalata sulla copertina di un giornale 🙂 Un ulteriore immenso grazie a voi che mi seguite per queste due pubblicazioni italiane di Settembre: copertina ed intervista su AZ Franchising ed intervista su Millionaire 🙂
Presto aggiornerò la mia sezione press con tutte le altre uscite internazionali di questo mese e mezzo!

AZ FRANCHISING, September 2011: cover and interview

Az franchising2 copia

MILLIONAIRE, September 2011: interview

Millionaire copia

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    The first thing to remember with a franchisor is that they are there to sell you a franchise. Even the best franchisor out there will attempt to market their product and downplay other franchises. What you want to realize here is that their goal and game is to have successful franchisees but that does not prevent them from possibly making a wrong fit with you. You are your best advocate. Keep your head and do not let their enthusiasm become overwhelming to you. ,,

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    Chiara ma non puoi ingrandire la prima intervista? perché non riesco a leggerla 🙁


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  • oh you're such a cutie! love the last photo!
    I've said it before but I'll say it again, congratulations on everything 🙂

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  • you should really do a post where you explains how you achieve your lovely silhuette. i mean, i know it 50% genes but still… 🙂
    congrats on magazines (would be nice to be able to read translations though) 🙂

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    ma non si riesce a leggere la prima ,le scritte sono piccole!

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    vorremmo trovare anche post dei tuoi outfit, meravigliosi.., anzichè sulle tue interviste o hogan o casa tua! 🙂 ti seguo sempre con affetto, baci

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  • Fantastico!
    The salad pose is your signature and it is very you because you play with the idea of being a blonde & attractive woman towards the press. Good marketing: you're one of the biggest female bloggers so have fun with it!

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    Ciao Chiara! immagino che sicuramente sarai alla vogue's fashion night out a milano, quindi volevo chiederti se starai in un negozio di preciso, vorrei incontrarti per dirti di persona che sei fantastica e i tuoi outfit mi ispirano ogni giorno!
    Non vedo l'ora! 😉
    xoxo Octopus

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  • Brava CHIARA!!!

    Dev'essere davvero una grande soddisfazione questa per te!

    Ti ammiro per come riesci a portare avanti le tue idee ed iniziative e quello che sei, sempre con coerenza!

    Era molto che non passavo dal tuo blog e, son contenta di esserci tornata!

    Un abbraccio.


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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Thanks so much babes for supporting me all the time, this really matters!

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  • Hi Chiara! First of all congrats for your work, I would like to ask you if one day you could write a post about the story of your blog. For example how you start adding ads in your blog, which are the errors that you made(if any)and how to avoid them and so on. This info could be really useful for all your readers that are bloggers like you.

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  • Chiara! I've been reading your blog for quite a while now, but this is the first time I comment. Congratulations on making the cover! I love your blog – keep up the great work.

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    andrai alla mostra del cinema di Venezia
    Complimenti per tutto, hai un ottimo gusto e selezioni molto bene i prj a cui aderire

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    vogliamo tutti sapere dove troveremo miss Chiara Ferragni la notte della Vogue fashion night out!!! ti verremo a trovare di massa!! 😀 con tanto affetto

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    3mila euro per un banner??????? Alla faccia della crisi!!

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    va bè ma inutile..sei la miglio ;)grande e fantastica!!

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    Congratulations Chiara!

    I'm a big fan!!!

    Can you give me an advice? 🙂

    I want to buy the Speedy Louis Vuitton bag.

    Which one do you like most?

    The Speedy 30 or the Speedy 35?

    Con tracolla?

    Tela monogram?

    And I was thinking of customizing it with my initials, what do you think?

    In what colors?

    grazie mille!

    Your the best!

    Love from Portugal,


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    Chiara you've got to see that most of the people don't own the money you own. So stop to envy people. LOOOL just kidding. I think you're great and you must have a wonderful life, filled with trips and dinners, and shopping, and nothing else to do. It's great, though.

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    Se "lavorare sodo" per voi è farsi scattare qualche foto e per questo guadagnare 50mila euro e oltre ogni sei mesi.. si vede che non sapete niente di cosa vuol dire lavorare sodo, o anche solo lavorare.

    Non sto criticando Chiara eh, cioè ha culo, beata lei che ha tutto nella vita. Ma questo non vuol dire che faccia chissà cosa o che lavori chissà quanto.

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  • You are amazing, Chiara, I am 14 years old, and I wanna be like you. You are an inspiration 🙂

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