Second look for the second day of MFW: for the Costume National fashion show Chiara wore a Seventies inspired outfit, with vintage “Blondes are the best” tee and jacket, Don’t Cry flare jeans, Rochas wedges and Lack of Color hat.

Photos courtesy of  Timur Emek 

Hair & makeup by Nikki Deroest

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41 Responses to “Blondes are the best: 3rd look of MFW”

  • I love this 70s inspired outfit. And the hat is amazing.
    But that new gallery is not cool, pictures looks too small… 🙁

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    Your outfits have been so amazing and inspiring thought all of the FW by now!


    Reply to Natali

    I love the jacket, hard to believe it’s a vintage find. And thoes flares with the platforms make Chiara’s legs look endlessly long. I hope no one was sitting behind Chiara and her sister, they’d never see the runway past those oversized hats! The tee is cute, maybe more appropriate for Valentina these days, as she’s getting blonder while Chiara is getting darker. I feel like almost every outfit she’s worn has had a gimmick = the eyes, her name or the blog’s name, “don’t do drugs.”

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