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    l’ICONA(grounded) del XXI secolo

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    a suede button-front miniskirt with red lips, let this be a lesson to all !

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  • I am not big fan of caramel, but this look is amazing on you, and also big plus with paring with that gorgeous CHANEL bag

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    Hi Chiara maybe you not read that but I want you to know that you’re my inspiration to dress. I may not have suffcient resources to arrive to most people. In a near future I would like to meet you, I was the girl who tagged you on Instagram when you were in the restaurant ‘El Nacional’ in Barcelona. I remember that you did come to Spain particularly Barcelona. Continues to grow Chiara you do great.

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    I love this outfit! Beautiful sweater, Caramel and blue is perfect connection <3

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  • You look so fresh and beautiful!! Love your blouse, and sandals! 🙂

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    I love that you are posting about her outfits on a daily basis again! <3 She is def my inspiration.

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