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LOS ANGELES, April 2015

I was wearing:


Photos by Timur Emek

161 Responses to “Cat eyed”

  • Gorgeous dress!!! And it looks awesome together with the leather jacket! ♥

    Reply to Adele
  • Adore what you did adding the leather jacket to the lovely dress. Perfect juxtaposition of girly and edgy!

    ♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
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  • Stupendo l’abbinamento del vestito così femminile con la giacca in pelle

    Reply to Paola

    You live at the apex of your best body shape and is of rare beauty and with an amazing face . And I live a moment contemplating its beauty . Loved his shoulders . And i liked your sandals.


    Hate your outfit what ugly it is hah

    Reply to Milla

    Hate your outfit ! how awful it is to pose among cars in a dirty street without forgetting that the pictures are ugly beurrrk ! your dress should be in a bin haha

    Reply to melrose

    Hate your outfit without forgetting the pictures ! how awful it is to pose among cars in a dirty street. Your dress should be in a bin beurrrk

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    I know it’s not our business to say “you are too thin” but as an “idol” for so many girls…you should pay attention. thanks

    Reply to juli
  • That dress is a piece of artwork itself! And add the leather jacket and its absolutely perfect. I love this look. One of my favorites yet<3


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    Ma nessuno dei commentatori/commentatrici che ti faccia notare la tua eccessiva magrezza. Chiara sei già bella non hai bisogno di ridurti così per affermarti!

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    I love the pairing of the black shoes and slim leather jacket with the uber feminine dress. It really cuts the sweetness of the pale peach. One small comment – it doesn’t look like it fits you well across the bustline. I don’t think small-breasted women look well in strapless gowns, it only emphasizes their chest size. A halter or plunging V-neck would be a better choice.

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  • Lovely look!
    I love the dress and the shoes
    for me personally this match does not work,
    but you are still the queen
    ♡♡ ♡♡ ♡♡

    Reply to inna
  • The Burberry dress is like a dream, it’s very elegance and the mix with the leather jacket is pure rock. These Isabel Marant sandals are realy beautiful, they have the french spirit and they are super chic


    Reply to Miss Key

    nice dress! similar to the one that suki waterhouse wore at the Met gala this year

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  • The dress is simply stunning!Fabulous look! Great heels and nice styling with this leather jacket! The romanticism of the dress is balanced with rock’n’roll vibe of the jacket! Cool!

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    LOVELY dress.

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  • Gorgeous as always! You look stunning in the dress! I love Burberry.


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  • Bellissimo l’abito e bellissima anche tu nelle tonalità del pesco.
    Molto bello l’accostamento della giacca di pelle ad un abito cosi’ romantico, come dire…i poli opposti si attraggono!!!

    Reply to Valeria
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