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  • I like the coat and colour schemes. but i think the vignette is too much..

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    This is very cool for a casual look ! look amazing as always !
    see you in march then !

    die Annakonda

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  • Lovely to see you smiling so big! This print is everywhere lately. I even featured it on a recent outfit post of mine!

    Danah ❤ Panache Offblast

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  • That coat looks AMAZING on you Chiara! :)))
    I think the colors suits you very well.

    The whole outfit is amazing, I’m in love!

    Christina Key

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    LOVE that coat!

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  • So simple yet so stylish. Love it! You made me remember how fabulous Paris is! Miss it!
    Once again, amazing outfit!

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    The first picture conveys the impression that you are forming a hump. It may be a false impression arising from the fact that you are too thin and can not fill the coat. Sport and healthy diet is the answer.

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  • Beautiful outfit!
    let’s check my blog I make hats and accessories of wool 🙂

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  • Un altro cappotto che, come dicevo a tua mamma, ti ruberei molto volentieri, Chiara!

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  • Oh man you look beautiful and spontaneous in these pictures.. I’m taking notes, I’m taking notes 😉


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  • I love this grunge outfit! What’s crazy is that no matter what you wear, you still manage to look “cute” in it 🙂
    That jacket seems perfect for this season!
    Ambitieuse Paris

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  • This outfit is pure rock! The Isabel Marant plaid coat is absolutely amazing, it’s easy and really cool. Adore it with these leather pants, they can’t be more fabulous, Saint Laurent knows about leather. These shoes are so your style, they are retro and chic at the same time. The Celine bag is just pure magic, it’s classic and beautiful. Supreme


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