This also happened during my New York trip some weeks ago (and I still can’t believe it)..
Chiara Ferragni by Terry Richardson, would you have ever thought this could be possible?
Ps: you can also find the photos on Terry’s Diary.

E’ successo anche questo durante il mio viaggio a New York qualche settimana fa (ed io faccio ancora fatica a crederci)..
Chiara Ferragni by Terry Richardson, ci avreste mai creduto?
Ps: trovate le foto anche su Terry’s Diary.



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    Terry Richardson? Are you serious? Can’t believe how many people are congratulating you for being a part of his perverse universe. Disgusting.

    Reply to GB

    Questo tipo è un degenerato…non mi piace proprio
    chiara sei caduta proprio in basso..vabbe tutto ma proprio con TERRY NO!

    Reply to Alessandra
  • haha, loving all the thumbs up!

    Terry Richardson’s photos always seem to make using a flash look cool!

    Katie x

    Reply to Katie
  • Sempre stupenda, come fai a mantenerti così magra??? *O*


    Reply to Giulia
  • how freaking cool! it’s amaze what you’ve done in the blogging world. this is so rad.

    thepearloyster.com @thepearloyster

    Reply to Brittany

    Quando scattò per il Pirelli qualche anno fa in Brasile, lessi su VF USA che le modelle non erano proprio entusiaste di alcune sue libertà poco professionali sul set.
    Da allora, mi sembra sempre un po’ “viscido”.
    Con te sarà certamente stato un signore, ma mi sento davvero di condividere il consiglio di alcuni di gestire bene (meglio) i progetti a cui aderisci.

    Reply to ilaria

    Chiara, you are very beautiful. But Terry Richardson really? He has been under a lot of criticism and judging his photos there is a reason for it. They are not original as some call them, they are plain and in a way creepy. I understand that you are honored because he is famous and shoots a lot of celebrities but you really should’nt take every offer…

    Reply to Winona

    Ew, he’s a known creep, why did you agree to the last picture? You look great but his perverted ways are evident even in these shots. Set yourself some higher standards.

    Reply to Svetlana

    Terry Richardson is gross as is the last picture of the two of you. Be as selective with celebrities as you are with clothes please.

    Reply to Amau

    Chiara, be careful with this Terry Richardson. Don’t let him do to you what he did to people like Minerva Portillo. He has the power of destroying a career…

    Reply to Blanca

    Ti sei sprecata con le parole!

    Reply to

    cosa vuol dire che non ci credi!?? se lo pagassi fotograferebbe pure me.

    Reply to Francesca

    Terry Richardson is amazing and you look so so glamorous in the jacket! You always crack me up with your hamming it up in the shots! You are such a treasure in my list of blog reads!!!

    – Lauren at adorn la femme

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    I think everything is possible…for me you are the new muse of karl lagerfeld 😉

    Reply to Toni

    How amazing!


    Reply to Em K G

    Unsubscribing from your blog right away. Can’t believe you don’t care about the things he’s done and his attitude towards women.

    Reply to Catharine

    what a sad story..

    the worldwide crise hit even Terry Richardson.
    what people do for money..

    Reply to debora
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