Untitled-12Pastel colors, floral prints, mirrored sunglasses, white lace:  there are a lot of SS15 trends in Chiara’s wardrobe!  Do you want to know which are her favorite ones? You can discover them on her Depop account from April 19th. Chiara picked a selection of clothes and accessories from her wardrobe that are going to be on sale on the app, on the occasion of the Depop event that is going to take place this Sunday in Tuscany (for those in the area, participating is totally free and you can sign up until tomorrow: find more details here). In the gallery you can find a preview: are you ready to shop?

Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

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  • Wow! the clothes are very pretty and pastel colours are my favourite I am also obsessed with floral print 🙂

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