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Milan fashionweek is officially over and in these 3 days I’ll try to post all the photos I took and rest a bit before leaving for Paris fashionshows… Here is the second outfit I wore on Saturday, for the second part of day 4 of Milan Mercedes-Benz fashionweek.

La fashionweek di Milano si è ufficialmente conclusa ed in questi tre giorni cercherò di postare tutte le foto arretrate e di riposarmi prima di partire per le sfilate di Parigi.. Ecco il secondo outfit che ho indossato sabato, per la seconda parte del quarto giorno di Mercedes-Benz fashionweek di Milano.

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The fourth fashionshow of the day was Frankie Morello: the main theme was “souvenir from Italy” and it was visible on all the pieces of the collection. Loved the headbands and the shirt with Torre di Pisa on the sleeves.

La quarta sfilata del giorno è stata quella di Frankie Morello: il tema era “souvenir dall’Italia” ed era ben visibile su tutti i capi della collezione. Simpatici i cerchietti e molto interessante a mio parere la camicia con la torre di Pisa sulle maniche

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The fifth fashionshow was Just Cavalli: pastel colours, animalier prints and cowboy mood were the main characters.

La quinta sfilata è stata quella di Just Cavalli: colori pastello, stampe animalier e cowboy mood sono stati i protagonisti.

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I finally also met in person Alexandra from Lovely Pepa 🙂

Ho anche finalmente conosciuto Alexandra di Lovely Pepa 🙂

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Emilio Pucci was one of my favourite fashionshows of all the Milan fashionweek: on the catwalk long printed embroidered dresses with ’80s inspired accessories and jewels. Peter Dundas also managed to make me appreciate the dresses with naked belly, fantastic!

Emilio Pucci è stata una delle sfilate più belle dell’intera fashionweek milanese: in passerella abiti lunghi a stampa e con applicazioni di ogni genere ed accessori e gioielli ispirati agli anni ’80. Peter Dundas è riuscito anche a farmi piacere la pancia scoperta di alcuni vestiti, fantastico!

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Moschino Cheap and Chic always is one of the funniest fashionshows to attend: the atmosphere is natural and relaxed, models smile and have fun. Main theme was fruit and vegetables: I especially loved all the shoes. At the end of the fashionshow the wonderful surprise: a flower and fruit market to give to the guests their favourite plant or fruits 😀 Has something similar ever happened to you at a fashionshow? It has never happened to me!

Moschino Cheap and Chic è sempre una delle sfilate più divertenti a cui partecipare: il clima è molto più naturale, le modelle sorridono, si divertono e lo fanno notare. Il tema era frutta e verdura: le scarpe in particolare mi hanno tutte fatta impazzire. A fine sfilata la magnifica sorpresa: banchetti di fiori e frutta che regalavano agli ospiti l’articolo preferito ;D Vi è mai successa una cosa del genere ad un fashionshow? A me no!

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I managed to capture some backstage moments at the end of the Philipp Plein fashionshow: the models had their hair combed with flowers and were wearing animalier printed dresses with swarovski and stones application, mixed to leather jackets (my favourite pieces from Philipp). Also the denim jacket I was wearing was made by the german designer 🙂
Guest of the night was Lindsay Lohan, new testimonial of the brand after Mischa Barton: too bad I didn’t manage to take better photos, but she was always covered by her bodyguards…

Sono riuscita a catturare anche alcuni momenti di backstage a fine fashionshow della sfilata di Philipp Plein: le modelle avevano i capelli raccolti e intrecciati a formare una cresta di fiori ed indossavano abiti a stampa animalier con applicazioni di swarovski e pietre, resi ancora più interessanti da giacche di pelle lavorate (i miei pezzi preferiti in assoluto di Philipp). Anche la giacca in denim che indossavo io è opera dello stilista tedesco 🙂
Ospite della serata Lindsay Lohan, nuova testimonial di Philipp Plein dopo Mischa Barton, a cui purtroppo però non sono riuscita a scattare foto migliori perchè sempre coperta da numerosi bodyguard..

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From tomorrow also the reportage of day 5 and day 6 of Milan fashionweek 😀

Da domani il reportage del quinto e sesto giorno di fashionweek 😀

I was wearing:


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    Quegli stivali mi hanno fatto fare una figuraccia da Zara… Una volta entrata, appena visti, mi sono messa a ridere come una scema, e parecchio rumorosamente.

    Reply to Anonymous
  • I love love love the Celine bag, it is SO high on my wishlist! Totally digging the italian theme in Frankie Morello's collection, would love to walk around with a Collosseum, Torre di Pisa or Milan Dom on my clothing 😀

    Reply to candyandtreats
  • First, You always look like you stepped off the runway!! I love your style and it makes me jealous that Europeans dress so much better than Americans…. Secondly I would kill to go to all the fashion weeks you attend. So awesome!!


    Reply to Tori

    ciao chiara a me piaci moltissimo e come sempre outfit azzeccatissimo!mi togli una curiosita'?quanto sei alta?perche' vicino alle altre sei una stangona!baciiiiii

    Reply to Anonymous
  • I adore your bag,its so pretty but so damn expensive 🙂 damn 😉
    that vegetable thing is funny 🙂


    Reply to Sammie
  • I am impressed with Frankie Morello shirt with Torre di Pisa on the sleeves. 🙂

    Reply to Maggie

    Does no one notice that the asian model, the second one ist waaaaaaaay to skinny?! Her arm is soo skinny. Bring her to the doctor please. That is honestly freaking crazy. Why does every model want to be skinnier than the others? That isn't even beautiful.

    Chiara, i think you are beautiful and have a beautiful body, but i wouldn't like it if you'd be skinner!

    I would so like to stop that skinny-model-shit!!!! it makes me soooo angry

    Reply to Anonymous
  • I think you just made me fall in love with Moschino. I'm not on the super girly side of fashion but their collection kinda looks like candy land 😀
    And the shoes! Oh my … Black, gold and platforms.
    But I also love your outfit. The necklace is so cool! 🙂


    Reply to Pauline
  • I adore your celine bag



    Reply to NARI

    NOOOOOOOOO chiara quelle scaroe proprio Noooooooooooooo. Buttale 🙂

    Reply to Anonymous

    ma quanto è bello il mini dress giallo di pucci?? favoloso

    Reply to mery
  • I love the white t-shirt whit the black words that says… ciao bellissin… I coudln`t read the rest… XOXO

    Reply to Sofi

    I don't like your outfit at all…in my point of view this time you've exaggerated with the mix of prints and colours…I know that 'piton' is on top in autumn-winter collection but these boots are pretty ugly… and shorts are totally unsuitable with these boots…hm.

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  • Love your ankle. boots!!!! They look awsom with the res of the outfit!

    Raque from


    Reply to Raque
  • You look amazing…

    please check out my blog:




    Reply to myonlyflove
  • I love your posts! They are always so fresh and have so many nice photos!
    Love your outfit too. I'm glad you wore the same bag, and necklace, as in your previous outfit, cause they are really special.

    Reply to Call me M
  • great fashion shows!
    love your outfit.


    Reply to Annie

    The mix this time hasn't got for the best effect and actually it's one of the worst. I will save the shorts and the shirt. The bag doesn't really have a sense in this outfit but it's indisputable beauty. A big NO for the boots and the nacklace, the first just ugly and the second seems to be chocking you. Try again!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Those booties are to die for !! I have a similar pair of pastel mini shorts, except in baby pink. I love to pair them up with a white blouse.
    Youre gorgeous and your blog is amazing!!

    ?, Ette

    http://www.thriftedkarma.com ?

    Reply to Ette
  • bellissime foto e splendido resoconto,Chiara!!!
    perfetto il tuo outfit!!!

    Reply to marina
  • Fantastic photos chiara! Thanks so much for sharing, it is all so beautiful to see! those Emilio Pucci dresses are truely breathtaking… Oh and i LOVE your jacket! Can't wait to see the next posts! : )

    B xx


    Reply to Bridg

    troppe cose che non c'entrano niente l'una con l'altra…

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Had you been wearing yellow jeans, I'd have liked this outfit more. However the cut-off shorts look way too casual for fashion week and better suited to the beach or weekend. Don't like the necklace much at all. Love that pretty green print Pucci dress.

    Reply to Petey

    Non mi piace la collana…il resto va bene..anche se sono un pò scettica sugli stivaletti.

    Reply to Deborah
  • Bellissimi gli stivaletti snake!!! Anche gli shorts sono molto carini, adoro il giallo limone…Fate un salto a vedere il mio ultimo outfit se vi va, indosso anch'io pantaloni di quel colore+ le mitiche pumps CHIARA FERRAGNI! Baci Lucy-THE PINK CARPET http://www.lucy-fashionteacher.blogspot.com

    Reply to Lucy

    super look you have;) collection like me to 😉

    Reply to Eve

    You look wonderful as always but the shorts don't look good in this outfit at all (imho)!!!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Amazing fashionshows! But the best was the Moschino Cheap!
    And I like your outfit, too! Of course!

    Reply to Dora

    Ahh. How do always wear designer things you must be quite rich. So lucky. I wish I had your closet. Lol!

    Reply to Anonymous

    Mi e piacuta la sfilata di Frankie Morello – "souvenir dall'Italia" – I motivi italiani sui vestiti e stata una grande idea.

    Reply to kee
  • Looks like you had an amazing time. My favorite fashion shows are Frankie Morello and Moschino Cheap and Chic.


    Reply to Nicole
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