Can a woman’s vision make the world more beautiful? I think it’s possible…so, stop just some seconds to live a magic moment, to find out a new and sophisticated world: the Kenzo’s fragrance “Flower by Kenzo”. A perfume subtle and rare, sensual and luminous. Flowers first of all: Parma Violet, Bulgarian Rose, Cassie and wild Hawthorn compose a delicate and elegant score. Vanilla and uniquely intense white musk bring a velvety softness to this first accord. A fragrance with an intimate and captivating aura. “Flower by Kenzo” tells a new half-aquatic, half-ethereal story, a story of magic and enchantment. A story of beauty, yes. But not only. A story of a woman that clearly has fairy-like powers, you know it instantly. It’s in her reflection in the water, in the slow caress of her red dress over the red of the poppies. And in her smile… Enjoy it sweeties 🙂

Può la visione di una donna rendere il mondo più bello? Io credo di si…fermatevi solo qualche secondo per vivere un momento magico, per scoprire un mondo nuovo e sofisticato: la fragranza di Kenzo “Flower by Kenzo”. Un profumo unico, dal gusto sottile, sensuale, quasi luminoso. I fiori prima di tutto: Violetta, Rosa Bulgara, Cassie e Biancospino selvatico per dare vita ad un gusto unico ed elegante. Vaniglia e muschio bianco intenso donano una vellutata morbidezza al primo accordo. Un profumo intimo ed affascinante.“Flower by Kenzo” è una storia di magia e d’incanto. Una storia di bellezza, certo, ma non solo. La storia di una donna che ha chiaramente poteri fatati, ve ne accorgete subito. Lo notate nel suo riflesso nell’acqua, nel morbido cadere del suo abito rosso unito al rosso dei papaveri. E lo vedete nel suo sorriso…Enjoy it sweeties 🙂

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  • Kenzo – Flower by Kenzo – Eau de Parfum

    Die ganze Kraft einer Blüte – einzigartig, intensiv, rein und sinnlich. Ein blumig-pudriger Duft von zeitgenössischer Poesie und subtile Harmonie. Flower by Kenzo entfaltet seine Herznote sofort, um vom ersten bis zum letzten Akkord eine perfekte Duftharmonie zu kreieren.


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    I use that perfume for 4years and its awesome, can prove it hahaha my boyfriend donsnt want another one for me 😉

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    n.3 Flower by Kenzo – for a beautiful world

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    Lovely ! Flower by Kenzo is one of my favourites ! 🙂

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    Your last threesome have been promotions. Can we get back to some original content, please?

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  • love your style! you inspired me to make my own blog. but sadly my fashion sense is not as fab as yours. so i decided to make a travel/food/shopping blog instead LOL. please take a look at http://www.thetwotales.com. would you consider to make a webinar about blogging? it’d be great!

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  • So beautiful and inspirational in an aesthetic way! Makes me want to wear a read dress and Kenzo fragrance!

    Juliette Laura

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    Aah ma credevo fossi tu a fare il video 🙂 bellissima la prima foto

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