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  • WOW!I love that dress! You looks fantastic! This purple and yellow flawour-pattern is beautiful. And your body in this outfit is perfect.

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  • That dress is STUNNING! Vintage is always the best,
    since it’s very unique and no one else is gonna have the same one! Amazing photographs <3 Kisses from Hungary xo

    Csenge | Csenge’s Point

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  • You have an incredibly beautiful face, these eyes ?!

    I just hope that you are conscioius that you are far too skinny…and if you suffer from an ED, i wish you all the strength and love for yourself to get out it.. i know what i’m talking about which is why I allow myself to be very straight forward..and to wish you all the best!

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    Not a fan of those shoes but you’re a goddess in that dress ♡


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  • Great dress for spring and to take on vacation. Love the color combination.

    Have a wonderful day!

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    Twitter: stylishlyinlove

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    Beautiful dress and it looks perfect on you

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    This is a great summer dress and it looks adorable on you, perfect for LA. It is a bit short on you, so I’d suggest either wearing it with a very flat sandal or having it hemmed about 4″ to more of a midi-length if you want to wear it with thick-soled wedges. To capture that ’70’s inspired look, the dress needs to almost cover your wedges.

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  • You look beautiful in this dress! I think it had been a while since the last time I saw you wearing such a girly look… love the cool LA looks but you also look amazing with this super feminine print 🙂
    Love the colors!
    Ambitieuse Paris

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    It’s a beautiful dress and I like your sunglasses!

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  • Love the dress! It’s such a good change from the badass-outfits you wear lately. It really shows that your style is so verstile.
    Oh, and those seventies sunglasses add the perfect on-trend touch!
    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY

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  • I love your bright vintage dress. Great ensemble and lovely images. You captured them at a great time of day.


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  • The vintage dress is just perfect, adore the retro air and the style looks amazing for you. I’m so in love with these incredible Celine wedges, only you can mix with two piece so different and created this unique outfit. These MiuMiu sunnies are pure love and super chic, the shooting place is magic

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